Thursday, 23 June 2016

The delegation of our power

Why do we insist on giving our own power away, on not assuming responsibility for our own happiness ? The "follow the leader blindly" mentality is not all it's cracked up to be, neither is competition, humanity as a species, to the best of my knowledge has evolved through cooperation, not competition.

I'm not saying all competition is bad or negative, only unfriendly, destructive competition is bad or negative, the type of competition which creates scarcity, expectations and with expectations also disappointments and suffering. Not one of any of history's great leaders accomplisments is a feat done with his power and his power alone but a compilation of other people besides him that found the said leader worthy to follow and worthy of their help and cooperation.

Now imagine if all those prominent people would've stood on an equal footing with said leader, would it have been better, would it have been worse ? We might never know.

With this post/article what I mainly want to bring to discussion and question is why most of us, not all of course, delegate our own power away and why we want someone else to make us happy instead of taking responsibility for our happiness.

What do you think ?

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